Periscope for Nonprofits: A Quick Guide & Review | Socialbrite

Periscope for Nonprofits: A Quick Guide & Review | Socialbrite.

THE GOOD (and what you need to know to get started): Periscope is a free downloadable mobile app that works with either iPhone or Android It’s Twitter owned, so you can sign up using your existing Twitter account and have instant access to all of your Twitter followers. You can share live broadcasts with your Twitter/Periscope following and the app sends a notification to your followers that you’re streaming live. There’s a very small learning curve on this app. I found it very simple to set up my account and start streaming. When you’re watching a live stream, tap on the screen to give the broadcaster hearts. On Periscope, hearts act as applause or ‘likes’ to show the broadcaster you like what you’re seeing. Visually, the hearts float up the right-hand side of your screen when you’re streaming. Hearts also measure popularity on Periscope. There is a chat function that lets you interact with your audience, and them with you. In shoty, viewers can comment on your livestream. It’s really great for Q and A’s and commentary in real time. You also have the ability to turn comments off. Once your broadcast is over, your analytics come on the screen and show you number of views, retention rate, duration of video, and number of hearts received. So great for data-driven organizations! 


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