Make the Most of Your Nonprofit Board’s Relationships

Make the Most of Your Nonprofit Board’s Relationships.

     By Josh Mait, Relationship Science LLC (RelSci) 

n approaching your board members about accessing their network, you’re trying to solve for an unknown: who do these men and women know that you don’t? You can efficiently and effectively solve for this variable by investing in relationship mapping technology, which can give insight into how far your board’s network extends. All it takes is a list of your board members’ contacts and the right platform to create paths to the individuals, corporations and other organizations that can make a difference for your nonprofit.

Regardless of how you choose to leverage your board members’ relationships, what’s critical is that you make the ask in the first place. Chances are, your board members are looking for ways to engage with your organization in addition to the financial support they provide. By tapping their networks, they can help you even more. When board members share their networks, everybody wins.


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