Event Pros on Their Biggest Fears—and How They Avoid Disaster

Event Pros on Their Biggest Fears—and How They Avoid Disaster.

“As most of our events are celebrity-driven, I always fear that no one will show up. That, of course, never happens, but I do everything in my power to ensure it doesn’t. I am calling, texting, emailing, coordinating with talent and their reps to the very minute until the event starts—even during the event so I know what time they will be there walking the carpet and posing for photos. I always do fear about my iPhone losing its juice so I always carry a battery back that can charge my phone fully four times over. Overkill, but you never know—and in case someone else on my team loses battery, they can borrow my pack. Another one of the biggest fears is if my iPhone doesn’t have service at an event, so I always make sure to test it the day before to make sure I can send and receive emails as well as texts. My last big fear is [for] my own health. You never want to be sick the day of an event, so I make sure I am taking my vitamins daily and exercising regularly prior to the event. I also try to eat as clean as possible leading up to the event—less fast food, more kale.”
Rembrandt Flores, co-founder, EFG: Entertainment Fusion Group, Los Angeles


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