Infographic: What Popular Websites Used to Look Like

Infographic: What Popular Websites Used to Look Like.

Do you know what Thefacebook looked like when it was launched in February 2004? Do you remember all changes and new features that frustrated you before you got used to them? With so many minor and major transformations, it’s hard to recall all versions we have used. Although Twitter is a more recent website, it’s still difficult to envision its first version.

Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, YouTube, eBay, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Flickr changed the way we used the Internet. Back in their beginnings, these were rudimentary websites that contained some links and information. Today, they are some of the most beautiful and most efficient pages on the web.

The only popular website that didn’t change a whole lot is Google, which has preserved its essential purpose, but made its services and capabilities way more powerful. Did you know why Google interface was so simple from the beginning? Its founders were looking for a quick solution, since they didn’t know HTML. As it turns out, simplicity remains Google’s best attribute.


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