NPQ’s 11 Biggest Nonprofit Stories of 2014 and Their Implications for Our Future

NPQ’s 11 Biggest Nonprofit Stories of 2014 and Their Implications for Our Future – NPQ – Nonprofit Quarterly.

New Era Changes

1. Technology and Millennials continue to transform the nonprofit sector. Technology and those who have grown up with it have inexorably altered the fabric of our lives and processes of our work, changing our relationships to constituents, stakeholders, and information. Our ability to access and even add to information we need to advance our causes and programs is enormously enhanced. These changes pose challenges in terms of institutional cultures and practices. They bring with them enhanced expectations for the reciprocity of forthcoming transparency, consultation and input.

Much of what nonprofits use technology for involves the Web, and some argue that it should be considered a public utility—a combination of public square, access to markets, and so much more—accessible in a neutral way to all who need it. This requires that levels of access cannot be bought or sold by corporations who have been pushing for a “fast lane.” In 2014, many different kinds of organizations, including the Ford Foundation, weighed in on net neutrality, although there have been some odd alliances that have created some dissidence in the sector with regards to reclassification of the net as public utility.


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