The best 2014 films that made under $100,000 / The Dissolve — also a word for the small charity

The best 2014 films that made under $100,000 / The Dissolve.

The list includes a diverse range of voices from around the world—from established auteurs and new talents to an exciting wave of documentary filmmakers eager to push the boundaries of non-fiction—all of which grossed under $100,000 at the U.S. box office. (Note: All totals, via Box Office Mojo, are as of December 10, 2014, and don’t take into account revenue generated by VOD, streaming, or other non-theatrical outlets.) 


Edet Belzberg’s ambitious documentary Watchers Of The Sky probably didn’t benefit from a title that makes perfect—and moving—sense in the context of the film, but out of context suggests a movie about astronomy. Then again, a doc about genocide as a concept was always going to be a tough sell, whatever the movie was called. Watchers fully, thoughtfully engages with that task, however, tracing genocide from its early manifestations through the coining of the term—which gave definition to a crime that previously had no name—through the stories of those who fight against it in all its many forms today. It’s a bleak topic, and one Belzberg in no way shortchanges, while still making hope the defining quality of the struggle.



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