The Science of Giving – A Review

The Science of Giving – A Review.

The book is divided into four sections:

  • The Value of Giving explores the value that donors place on and derive from giving to charity. Every gift has a benefit but also a cost to the donor. How can charities increase the benefits and lower the costs?

  • The Impact of Social Factors delves into other social forces that influence our decisions of whether, and how much, to give. The research showcased here reveals how actual or expected thoughts and behaviors of others can impact our own donations. How can charities use this information to strength the social pressure to give, and weaken the barriers to giving?

  • The Role of Emotions examines what drives our emotional responses and how those responses effect our giving decisions. Emotions can both engender giving and thwart it. How can charities develop appeals that elicit pro-giving emotions and help donors resist emotions that hinder rational decisions about giving?

  • Other Important Influences on Charitable Giving explores an eclectic range of topics that seem to be important to how charitable giving works. The themes range from howrequests for time differ from requests for money, to some of the common mental shortcuts that people use to simplify their charitable decisions but that really create inefficiencies in their giving. Interventions are suggested for charitable groups to overcome these biases.

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